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19 Discounts Homeowners Didn't Know They Could Get In 2019
 April 25th, 2019
Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) is one of the largest debt settlement providers in the United States. Since 2002, it has helped settle more than $10 billion in unsecured debt. FDR always keeps you in the loop with an online dashboard that shows you the progress of negotiations and repayments. Being such a large agency has its benefits, with some customers saving 25-30% (after fees).
Never Pay Again For Costly Home Repairs, Get A Home Warranty Plan (First Month Free)
Average savings = $1,436 Per year saved
Still unknown to many is a brilliant Home Warranty Program called the Choice Home Warranty that could benefit millions of households and help them never pay for covered appliance failures, furnace breakdowns, electrical issues and so much more! 

You likely have homeowners insurance, right? A Home Warranty Plan is similar to a homeowners insurance plan, but it actually covers many things that an insurance plan won't like a broken refrigerator, a broken furnace or an electrical malfunction on a ceiling fan. These would likely cost $1,000s of dollars to fix! 

Luckily, homeowners now have the option to get a home warranty plan anytime after they bought their home. Even if you've lived there for 20 years, you can still get your own home warranty plan that will cover the cost of many unforeseen home repairs! The quote is free and fast, click below to save.
top brand name samples - free for seniors!
Average savings = $327 PER YEAR SAVED
The Free Sample Guide connects you to your favorite brands for coupons, free samples, great deals & much more!  There is absolutely no cost to take advantage of great deals. Click below to sign up today! 
when medicare Insurance companies compete... you win!
Average savings = $892 PER YEAR SAVED
Do you have fairly frequent doctor or hospital visits? If so, you may already know that Medicare Part A and Part B come with out-of-pocket costs you have to pay. You might be able to save money with a Medicare Supplement insurance plan. Medicare Supplement, or Medigap, insurance plans fill in “gaps” in basic benefits left behind by Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, such as deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments.
If you click the button below and fill out a quick 60 second form, you'll have access to savings you never knew you had!
feel 100% INDEPENDENT and safe at home
You can protect yourself by enrolling in a medical alert system
The time to protect your well-being and maintain your independence starts now.  See how a medical alert system can make all the difference.  This site helps you find and compare the top medical alert systems at competitive prices.
Stay Off Your Ladder For Good
free gutter guard INSTALLATION estimate and 10% discount found!
Gutter cleaning is a dirty and dangerous task. Discover how LeafFilter eliminates the dreaded task of gutter cleaning, so you can stay safe and off the ladder for good.

From roof to foundation, the damage caused by clogged gutters can be devastating for your home. With LeafFilter, you are protected forever. 
Average EARNINGS = $34,332 PER YEAR
Unable to work due to disability? You may qualify for benefits of up to $2,642/month! I found this FREE, NO OBLIGATION Disability Evaluation site. All FREE Evaluations are performed by an experienced advocate or attorney.  Now is the time to take the first step toward getting approved for Social Security Disability Benefits.

It takes less than 2 minutes to get the benefits you deserve. Previous denials and new applicants are welcome. Click below and fill out the short form to get started.
Watch Your Favorite Channels, Shows And Movies in HDTV - 100% For Free
Average savings = $1,016 Per year saved
Paying for over-priced cable bills and subscription services each month is a pain. To make things worse, the prices keep climbing every year. This doesn’t even include the cost of expensive hardware (receivers, cable-boxes, etc).

In fact, a new market analysis has confirmed that it will continue to rise — Above $200 per month by year 2020. However, the average salary and fixed income for seniors remains the same.
A tiny startup based out of Austin has enabled more than 132,000 Americans to cut their cable bill completely - and counting.
Average savings = $4,238 per year saved
If you're stuck with a Timeshare you never use, let the experts help you get your money back instead of struggling alone. "Be Free of You Timeshare" helps you recoup the cost of your Timeshare by providing all the resources you need. Get a free quote with no risk and no obligation through "Be Free of You Timeshare" and let the experts tell you how to get thousands of dollars back on your investment. Simply enter your information to get your free quote!
owe taxes? Use This Brilliant Debt Payoff Plan
Average savings = $5,426 saved
Seniors that carry tax debt don't need the burden of increasing interest payments every month. But credit companies may not want you to find out about alternatives. For anyone with more than $10,000 in tax debt, this debt relief program for seniors may reduce the amount of money owed. The program can resolve debt without a loan, and many have become debt free in 24 – 48 months by using this one secret. Those with over $10,000 or more in tax debt can click on the button below to see if they qualify for reduced payments with a quick and free no hassle form.
Lower your energy bill with solar grants
Average savings = $1,282 PER YEAR SAVED
Warning: Do not pay your next energy bill until you read this... 
This is the 1 simple truth your power company doesn't want you to know. There is a new policy in 2019 that qualifies homeowners to be eligible for $1,000's of Government funding to install solar panels. Has your power company told you that? Of course not. They hope homeowners don't learn about this brilliant way to reduce your energy bill tremendously!

Many may qualify for $0 down! Soon, you could be on your way to significantly reducing your electric bill in a matter of weeks. Smart Senior homeowners are reporting back on their findings, with the most exciting part being that they are now able to save $1,282 a year on their own energy bill.
lower your energy bill - new EFFICIENT windows
Average savings = $842 PER YEAR SAVED
The biggest leaker of heating and cooling for your home is your WINDOWS!

Many Seniors aren't even aware that you can apply for rebates in your city and county for energy upgrades. And sometimes this also includes windows. Not only that but they increase the value of your home and protect it from mold and mildew. If you have windows that are 15+ years old you should at least have them looked it. We found a site that gets you competitive savings for FREE!
save up to 70% on life insurance
Average savings = $934 PER YEAR SAVED
It's not something any of us like to think about or plan for. But when the worst happens, it's essential to know your family and loved ones are covered financially. That's why it's essential to have a life insurance. A good life insurance policy can help cover the cost of a mortgage and safeguard your family from inheriting any debts you might have.
But the sad truth is, a shocking number of Americans do not have a life insurance policy and their family is at financial risk if the worst should happen. You can get free life insurance quotes from some of the top insurance companies out there. People are shocked at how affordable an excellent policy is after requesting their free quotes. But the reality is, life insurance rates are at a 20-year low and thanks to new program policies you could qualify for a great new policy at an extremely affordable price.

To get your free quote today, click below and complete a few questions (about 60 seconds). Once you're done, you will be presented with choices and rates you never thought possible (no login required). Enjoy your savings!
Average savings = $588 PER YEAR SAVED
Think you're already paying a low auto insurance rate? Think again. Recent studies show that just 5% of seniors pay less than $50 per month for auto insurance. If you pay more than $50 per month, and have had no accidents or tickets in the past two years, you WILL secure a far lower car insurance rate. The best way to do this? Compare quotes from multiple insurers. It's really the only way to ensure you're paying the least possible. 

Age and other factors always play a roll, but seniors could get a BIG discount on their car insurance. Why? Seniors typically don't drive as much as their younger selves, and their driving record is usually spotless. Insurers reward senior citizens for their good driving more than you might think. With this site you fill out a simple form and you'll instantly receive multiple quotes from top insurers. It's that easy! So give it a shot and get the savings you deserve.
Before You Go, DON'T FORGET. Claim These Senior Discounts NOW and Save Thousands Per Month:

#2 Get A Home Security System

Did you know that a home without a home security system is three times more likely to be broken into than a home with a security system. While installing a home alarm system isn’t just to stop burglars and intruders, it may also save you big money year after yearA house alarm may save you money on your homeowners insurance policy (which is generally mandatory if you own a home). In fact, installing a home alarm system may give homeowners a 10-20% discount on their insurance

The good news is that these home alarm companies offer customers some pretty good deals. For instance, one of the best – Protect Your Home is currently offering an ADT Home Monitored system with over $850 in security equipment if you just pay the installation fee of $99 and sign up for a 24 or 36 monthly monitoring contract. This money saving idea is for senior homeowners, so if you’re a renter you can skip this one.

#3 Do You Own A Home and are on Fixed Income? Try This!

Are you looking to add some extra income to your life? Do you have a lot of equity in your home? A reverse mortgage can help you get money out of your home that you can enjoy today. Depending on your circumstances, a reverse mortgage may be a great choice giving you supplemental income for the rest of your life. See if you are eligible and get a Free Quote by clicking above.

#3 Hidden Auto Insurance Website Saves Seniors The Most

Big Auto Insurance Companies Hate This Site!

Still unknown to many Seniors in America is a secret Auto Insurance website called CarInsurance.net that could benefit millions of American Seniors like you reduce their payments by as much as $384 per year! You could bet the insurance companies aren't too thrilled about losing all that profit and might secretly hope seniors like you don't find out before time runs out.

#6 More Than $10,000 in Tax Debt? Use This Brilliant Debt Payoff Plan

Seniors that carry tax debt don't need the burden of increasing interest payments every month. But credit companies may not want you to find out about alternatives. For anyone with more than $10,000 in tax debt, this debt relief program for seniors may reduce the amount of money owed. The program can resolve debt without a loan, and many have become debt free in 24 – 48 months by using this one strategy. Those with over $10,000 or more in tax debt can click here to see if they qualify for reduced payments.
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*With $99 installation and purchase of 36 or 24 mo. monitoring contract. New homeowners only. Termination fee applies.